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Are You a Construction Professional Who Has Been Injured on The Job?

In the most recent statistical report compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was reported that construction workers across the U.S. typically lose an average of 11 workdays each year because of serious workplace injuries.*

OSHA reports that builders and workers in the construction trades across America suffer some of the highest injury rates in the country. Nationwide, more than 85 deaths each week occur on building sites, nearly three times the rate of fatal accidents in other industries.**

If you were injured on a construction job site in upstate New York, make sure your attorney has an in-depth understanding of the laws and strategies for helping you recover the full compensation you are entitled to receive. Talk with attorney Craig Nichols of Nichols Law Offices, PLLC, in Syracuse.

What Is a Third-Party Lawsuit?

In New York, workers injured because of unsafe working conditions typically qualify for workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s plan. But workers’ compensation pays only for medical treatment (by an approved provider) and two-thirds of your wage loss while you are out of work. When you accept workers’ compensation benefits, you forfeit your right to sue your employer for additional compensation to which you may be entitled.

We are not a New York workers’ compensation claims firm. We represent construction professionals in third-party lawsuits. If you need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, we can refer you to an experienced attorney while we represent you in your litigation matter.

Under New York law, however, injured workers are entitled to sue for additional damages from the party or parties determined to be legally responsible for causing the workplace accident resulting in injury (or wrongful death). Such claims are referred to as third-party lawsuits and may be filed against the property owner; a manufacturer of defective or dangerous tools, material or equipment; and even a negligent subcontractor on the work site. This means you may pursue full and fair compensation for your:

  • Continued medical care and ongoing physical therapy

  • Assistive devices and occupational therapy required for home and transportation needs

  • Full amount of wage loss and potential loss of earnings over your lifetime

  • Pain and suffering

  • All other incidental costs directly related to your injuries

We are ready to help you pursue full and fair compensation for any type of construction injury or wrongful death claim, including:

  • Falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs and work platforms

  • Trench collapses

  • Wall and roof collapses

  • Injuries from power tools

  • Forklift and crane accidents

  • Injuries from falling equipment and material

  • Construction truck accidents

Injured on the Job?


The Right Lawyer for Construction Professionals Injured on The Job

Construction site accidents fall under a specialized area of law. Special protections that the laws of our state have put in place protect construction workers who have been injured on a job site. Nichols Law Offices, PLLC, pays close attention to detail, which is particularly important for cases such as these as it can make the difference between a large recovery and receiving a small settlement or nothing.

Free Consultation · No Attorney’s Fees Unless You Recover Compensation

Whether you are already receiving workers’ compensation benefits for your construction site injury or are in the process of filing, talk with Craig about your options for a third-party claim. Call us or reach us through our website to schedule a free case evaluation.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Requiring Days Away From Work

**Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Commonly Used Statistics website