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Have You Been Injured in A Car Accident?

After you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it is advisable to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. By taking action now, you can seek compensation to cover the current and long-term costs associated with your accident.

Free consultation: At Nichols Law Offices, PLLC, we represent car crash victims throughout the Syracuse area and central New York state. If you are struggling after being injured in an auto accident, we urge you to fill out our online contact form to learn how we can help.

We operate with professionalism, warmth and integrity. “At the end of the day, it’s about your legacy, what you leave behind and what you do to help people.” — Attorney Craig Nichols.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Our firm handles car accident cases caused by any example of negligence or recklessness by another party, but some of the more common causes we see include:

  • Texting and driving – Accidents caused by drivers who were distracted because of texting while driving: Sending a text message requires the driver to take his or her eyes off the road for several seconds at a time. The results are often catastrophic.

  • Cellphone-related accidents – Many people think they can safely talk on a cellphone while driving, but studies show that this type of distraction is similar to driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Excessive speeding – When driving at high speeds, it is easy to lose control of the car. Additionally, when driving too fast, the driver may not have enough time to brake and avoid a collision.

  • Reckless driving – In New York, reckless driving is a crime. This can involve any form of driving that endangers other drivers and/or goes against traffic laws.

  • Drunk driving – We all know the dangers of drunk driving. Other forms of impaired driving – driving while under the influence of drugs or prescription drugs – are also dangerous.

Helping Car Injury
Victims Move Forward


Did You Lose a Loved One in A Car Accident?

We will also work aggressively to help you recover full and fair compensation for the death of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident in upstate New York. We handle wrongful death cases with compassion and empathy toward what your family is going through right now.

We also represent people who are seeking help after a loved one has been killed in a fatal car accident. We can assist in filing a wrongful death claim.

Contact Us For Help After A Serious Car Accident

If you have questions about your legal options or just want to talk with a lawyer, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us.