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The United States issues two categories of visas: immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas. Immigrant visas are sought by persons from other countries who wish to immigrate to the United States and live here permanently. Immigrant visas may be pursued for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, petitions by U.S. citizens for their relatives from other countries. Nonimmigrant visas are issued for a range of reasons for temporary stays in the U.S. such as education, exchange programs, employment, medical treatment, business and tourism, among others.

Immigrant visas require application to the United States government for their issuance. The applications are long and must be accurately completed. Once submitted, you will need to find out if you need a visa interview. If you do, you will need to make arrangements for the interview within a specific time frame. Because the requirements for submitting and completing the application process for an immigration visa are exacting and extremely specific, it is best to work with an experienced immigration lawyer to ensure a smoother process. Nichols Law Offices, PLLC, in Syracuse concentrates in the area of family-based immigration. There is no charge in most cases for the initial consultation.

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